Monday, October 7, 2019


We had a lot of fun on the 2nd day of the workshop!

Six hours earlier . . . 

Pat demonstrating how to stretch your paper -- wetting it, and then stapling it to the gator board

Today, we learned about, and our projects were inspired by, Gustav Klimt, the famous Austrian painter

Demonstrating how to simplify your reference

Pat's demo

Talking about how to transfer the simplified drawing onto the dried underpainting.

Demonstrating how to finish the drawing in pencil -- no details.


Adding the second wash to the skin


Time for everyone to do her own thing . . . 





One of Pat's demos


The Winery at Wolf Creek, in Norton Ohio

After breaking for lunch, everyone was back at it . . . 

Pat adding pattern with a gold leaf marker




.At about 3:30, it was time to clean up our painting areas and head over to the Tasting Room for some wine and sharing and discussion . . .  we're trying the Blueberry Wine today (made with no grapes, just blueberries)


Sheila with her Klimt Lady

Cheri: "I love it!"
Cheri: "Wait, it's not finished?"

Lori with her Klimt Lady

Ginny with her Klimt lady

Jo talking about how she plans to finish her painting


Diana with her Klimt Lady

Carolyn: "Trust me, I probably won't do one more thing to it!"

Kathy: "I wanted to create something really comfy!"

Marilyn with her Klimt Lady

Anne and her Klimt Lady

We ended our day with good discussion, funny stories, and yummy blueberry wine. 


  1. Looks like a great time. And wonderful paintings. Glad to see some familiar faces from previous workshops. The new Great Room looks fantastic. Maybe next year

    Sandy Hall
    Workshop attendee 2017 & 2018