Friday, September 22, 2017

Durango Watercolor Workshop at Vallecito -- 2017

This was my first annual Durango Workshop at Vallecito Lake -- September 15-17, 2017.  

The theme of the workshop was "Drawing and Painting from Nature -- Outside and Inside the Studio". . . 

and we did just that . . . 

We had some great discussions . . . 

Diana taking everyone on a tour of her property, before they all started sketching

Bill's lovely arrangements from their garden -- which we brought into the studio in the afternoon.

There was something to sketch, in every direction!

Inside the studio, after lunch, we did some color studies.

Pat's demos

Back into the house in the afternoon -- for wine and sharing . . .

The next morning, we were back outside for more sketching . . . 

After painting in the studio all afternoon, we were ready for a glass of wine, and more discussion and sharing of paintings -- 

Our friend, Janice, stopped by and offered to be our "rotating easel"

On the last day of our workshop, everyone painted in the studio all day -- and in most cases, finished one large painting.  A few people were able to start and finish another one.

So much fun!  See you next year, Durango!