Saturday, August 24, 2013

You Might Be An Artist, IF . . .


- you sometimes look at your palette, and think it looks better than your painting . . .

- you've ever drunk the rinse water, instead of the coffee.

- you've ever dipped your brush into the coffee, instead of the rinse water.

- you think some of your paintings look better upside down.

- you get upside down, in order to "see" better.

- your new manicure lasts less than a day.

- you use nail clippers and hand lotion for your next manicure, and call it good.

- you don't have just one favorite color anymore.

SORRY . . . there's no cure.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


This year, my granddaughters came to Durango, for our 3rd Annual Art Camp . . .

We were all excited to have them here -- but, especially our dog, Royal!

We were drawing and painting for 3 days straight . . . 

Day 1 -- Mingling & Mosaics

Day 2 -- Lines, Layers, & Landscapes

Day 3 -- Forests & Flowers

They worked hard, but there was still plenty of time for hiking, eating, movies, and just goofing around . . . 

The dads (my sons) drove from Denver to pick them up and were blown away by their finished 
projects!  Me, too!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Announcing My Upcoming WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP in Ohio -- "Flowers & Forests"

I'm excited to be offering my 2nd Annual October Workshop in Ohio!


Watercolor Workshop in Ohio

2 Days of Drawing and Painting with Pat Howard

Tuesday, October 15 & Wednesday, October 16, 2013
from 10 am to 4 pm (1 hour longer than last year)
in Uniontown, Ohio

All skill and experience levels are welcome!

We'll be learning different techniques, like "layering", "mingling", and "negative painting"
and will use those techniques to paint a different project (or two) each day.

Price:  $175. for the 2-day workshop (which includes lunch & beverages each day.

To reserve a spot in this year's workshop, or for more information, contact Pat at:
or via Facebook (Pat Howard)


Lots of instruction . . . 

and individual attention . . . 

with plenty of time to paint . . . 

In a friendly and positive atmosphere . . . 

with a different lesson/project each day . . . 

as well as critique and discussion at the end of the day . . . 

So, get ready to stretch yourself and surprise yourself!

(Photos are from last year's workshop)