The Painted Prism's Watercolor Mentoring Course is a 12-lesson, personalized watercolor course, taught on-line by me, artist/teacher, Pat Howard.  This self-paced, mini-mentoring program includes one-on-one communication with me and will be individualized for you.

During this course, you will get 12 Lessons/Tutorials/Assignments/Challenges -- along with feedback, suggestions, and advice just for you, as you learn -- in order to guide you on a self-development watercolor journey.  Each lesson includes 3-5 parts, so it's a pretty comprehensive course.

This course offers technical support, practical advice, critiques, lessons, challenges, tips, and strategies -- all in a friendly, positive, uplifting, and supportive forum.

During these 12 lessons, via e-mail communication, I will share with you things I've discovered about painting in watercolor -- from exploring your materials and paints, to learning about traditional and non-traditional watercolor techniques; from experimenting with color and composition, to finding and developing your own unique style.

Each week, you will get a 3-5 part lesson (which will include written and visual content), a sketchbook assignment, and a challenge.  You will also receive one-on-one support, feedback, critique, encouragement, inspiration, advice, tips, and other information relevant to your particular journey.  We will discuss whatever you think you need help with.  You can e-mail your work to me, for my comments and suggestions.  

Basic watercolor supplies are needed.  I will give you a suggested list before you begin, if you need it.


Upon payment of this course, you will receive a welcome e-mail from me.  (Please allow 24 hours to receive this first e-mail.)  This will contain my initial questions for you.  Then, you can respond with your answers, as well as any questions that you have for me.  These questions and answers will help me personalize this course for you.  

Each class will come to you in an e-mail.  And, I'll be available via e-mail, to answer your questions and provide you with additional assistance, all along the way.  You can send me jpegs of your paintings  (finished and in-progress) and sketches, attached to your e-mails, for my feedback.

SO . . . IF you want to take your work to the next level -- even if you're a beginner -- and see it blossom into something wonderful; 
IF you're in need of the one-on-one support and guidance of an experienced watercolor teacher and mentor;
 and IF you want a watercolor course that's been individualized for your unique journey --
Then, this course is for you.  

The cost is $225. for the 12 lessons.

You can purchase the course here:  WATERCOLOR MENTORING COURSE

Examples of topics/projects/assignments which may be included in this course for you:

Value Painting

Sketchbook Color Exercise

Sketchbook Assignment

Project - Layering, Negative Painting, Texture, Lifting, Composition

Project - Mingling, Composition, Mixing Darks

Mixed Media on Aquabord


You'll come away from this course with a toolbox full of ideas and strategies to help you with your art. 

You will have new and renewed skills and enthusiasm for watercolor, an almost-full sketchbook, and some paintings you've created with my support and guidance.

If you're still not sure whether this course is for you, please e-mail me at, and ask me about it.  If you are sure, then purchase it here, and let's get started:


  1. Pat, three of your tabs won't work--only the "Shop" one will. I'm also trying to find your contact info and can't find it anywhere. Cheri

    1. Thanks, Cheri -- I think they're working now. At first, it doesn't look like it, because the same photo montage is at the top. But, if you scroll down just a bit, it should have the "Tab" information. I will add my contact info to a few more visible places, too. Thank you for the heads up!!

  2. Have you seen that your art has been lifted? They even claim copyright
    13 images down

  3. Have you opening for mentoring classes in February? I am very interested!

    1. Hello, Elaine! Thanks for your interest in the on-line mentoring course. Yes, I have openings for that, and I would love for you to sign up for it. Let me know if you have any more questions about it. Looking forward to working with you! Pat

  4. Have you opening for mentoring classes in February? I am very interested!

    1. Hello, Elaine -- I did not see your comment until now -- so sorry! You can sign up for this on-line mentoring course anytime, and can do the lessons and projects at your convenience.


    1. Hello, Joyce! I replied to your other comments earlier, but you must not have seen. You can sign up for this on-line mentoring course, above -- anytime, and can do the lessons and projects and exercises at your convenience. I am offering a two-day workshop in Berthoud, Colorado, on April 2nd & 3rd; but, I don't have any plans for a workshop in Southern California this year. You can sign up for the mentoring course, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the above post, "WATERCOLOR MENTORING COURSE", in green, and that will take you to my Etsy shop, and straight to the place to "buy" the course. Hope this helps -- and I look forward to working with you, Joyce. Take care, Pat

  6. Hi Pat, finally got all my paints and supplies together. Went thru all the steps on lesson 1. Didn't do the one that calls for masking fluid. I didn't have that and don't know what it is. All rest went fine..Feels good to be back using watercolors... there's so much I've forgotten. I will be moving on to lesson 2 now.

  7. Do you ever come to Arizona? I think I could locate a space and plenty of artists who would be interested in your workshop. Yuma is a great place to come to in February!

  8. Loved your step by step instructions on painting the purple irises. I'm going to try that.

  9. Pat,
    The pictures of Estes Park made me homesick. The workshop looked tremendous. It is such a glorious place and everyone is learning and taking in the beautiful mountains.What an experience!
    Just lovely.
    Please contact me. Thank you.