Friday, March 30, 2018

RECAP of 1st Quarter 2018 -- What I've Been Up To

The first three months of 2018 have been good -- completed two portrait commissions and a ketubah painting (my first) for my son and his bride.  Also planned and prepped for the year ahead -- The Painted Prism Art Retreat in Estes Park in July, a Watercolor Workshop in Durango in August, and the Workshop at the Winery in Ohio, in September.

These first months have also been full of babies, puppies, and wedding festivities!  After moving from Durango to Denver last spring, we've been adjusting to city living -- but love, love, love being close to our family!


I've enjoyed painting the six grandchildren of a dear friend, over the past 6 years.  Little Aiden is the last one . . . 

Portrait of Aiden, watercolor by Pat Howard

This portrait of Lily was commissioned by another dear friend (and my husband's cousin), as a gift for her wife.  Lily had been her very favorite dog . . . and the portrait was a surprise for her birthday!

Portrait of Lily, watercolor by Pat Howard

I think she liked it!

My son, Zach, and his bride, Michelle, asked me to design and paint their ketubah (the Jewish marriage contract), and I happily agreed.  They were married on March 10, and the ketubah was a big part of the beautiful ceremony.

I drew the flowers with metallic ink (bronze), and then painted with watercolor.  They had printed the text (half Hebrew and half English) in a circular format, on watercolor paper, which had been mounted on a board.  

Zach and Michelle were very pleased with it (okay, they loved it!) and will be framing it for their bedroom.

Setting up for the wedding ceremony, with the ketubah on an easel under the chuppah.

Sunflowers in a Jar, watercolor by Pat Howard


Aspen Falls Estate, the site of The Painted Prism Art Retreat in Estes Park

I was up in Estes last weekend, and was able to check out the progress of the new "cabin" on the property, as well as the resident elk.

This guy, and 8 of his buddies, were also checking out the place -- and acting like they owned it.

the new cabin

Seven ladies have already registered for the retreat.  We have room for about 6-8 more people.

For more information about this retreat, click HERE.

Here is a lovely testimonial from one of our last year's participants:

Pat is a talented artist and a patient and professional teacher. Her personal warmth and creativity drew out the best in each participant. I always felt encouraged and inspired as we worked through each day of the workshop...I learned a lot and met so many happy fellow attendees...exceeding my expectations. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. ..the setting was magnificent and the meals were exceptional. I hope I can return next summer.  - P. Sanchez, AZ


New grand baby and new puppy . . . 

Getting familiar with our new neighborhood, on our daily walks . . . 

Golf balls on ice.

Peregrine Falcon? or Northern Goshawk?

Wedding weekend . . . 

The bride and groom at the Rehearsal Dinner

Alan and I, with our sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren, all dressed up and ready for the wedding.
Just missing the bride and groom, little Lochlan, and of course, Todd.