Sunday, September 25, 2016

Durango Watercolor Workshop - Days 2 & 3

Our two-day project for Saturday and Sunday was Prism Paintings.


Demonstrating the wet-in-wet underpainting

After everyone paints their under paintings, they draw their grids.

Painting the grid
Grid paintings drying on the wall

After the break, everyone did a drawing, transferred the drawing to the painting, and then painted a yellow underpainting on their subjects, ignoring the grid for now.



Everyone was anxious to get back to their paintings, as soon as they arrived in the morning.  

Terra painting her Blanket Flower

Nora painting her Water Lily
Kim painting her Chickens & Hollyhocks
Connie painting her Agave Plant

Lillian painting her Bald Eagle

Betsy painting her Elephant

Diana painting her Pears

Jean painting her Rose

Beth painting her Water Lilies

Lucy painting her Grapes & Butterfly
Maggie working on her Still Life

Kathy working on The Egyptians
Anita with The Egrets

Finishing up and cleaning up

Talking about the last two days and the Prism Painting project

Terra and her Blanket Flower

Connie with her Agave Plant

Maggie with her Still Life with Fruit

Diana with her Pears

Jean with her Rose

Lillian with her Bald Eagle

Kim with her Chickens & Hollyhocks

Kathy with The Egyptians

Lucy with her Grapes & Butterfly

Betsey with her Elephant

Anita with her Egrets

Beth with her Water Lilies

Nora with her Water Lily

The consensus was that we all enjoyed the two-day project -- which was more than evident in all the beautiful paintings!