Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Day Three of the Painted Prism Art Retreat started early, with our morning hour-long yoga session, led my Mo . . . 

We were in the Studio by 10, ready to start on Saturday's project -- Tiered Paintings.

We had stretched the paper on our boards the night before, so they were good to go.  And, everyone picked out their photo references that I had set out, after the Morning Gathering.  They would also be using, today, any sketches that they had done the day before.


Pat demonstrating the wet-in-wet underpainting, using the Primary Triad of colors . . .

Starting with Yellow,

Adding the Rose

Finishing with Blue

We had to wait for the under paintings to dry before starting the drawings.  Luckily, it was a sunny day, so it didn't take long.

Watching paint dry . . . 

After drawing the floral foreground, and the furthest mountain contour line in the background, we painted another blue wash -- behind the foreground and down to the mountain line.  (We were painting upside down.)

Pat's demo painting

This seemed like a good time to stop, and walk up to the main house for lunch . . . 

Good smells coming from the kitchen!

Back in the Studio after our lunch break . . . 

Working on the foreground, and gradually building up layers in the background.

Connie used her sketches for background reference

Pat's demo painting

Jane and her Poppies

At this point, I am loving everyone's painting!  So much fun to see how they are all evolving . . . 

Enjoying some down time with Cheri on the patio, with a refreshing glass of Blackbeary Cider  . . . 

At 7, we all gathered together on the west side of the main house, to show our paintings and to enjoy the sunset and some excellent conversation and laughs . . . 

This was definitely a successful painting day!  Not all the paintings are completely finished, but they were still successful.  

Maggie's painting-in-progress

Jane's painting

Cathy's painting-in-progress

Pushpa's painting-in-progress

Kristi's painting-in-progress

Cheri's painting
Connie's painting

Lisa's painting


  1. These are all so beautiful! Obviously very talented artists - led by a marvelous teacher! Can't wait to see you and make our own paintings in September in Ohio!

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  3. These are beautiful - and how couldn't they be with such a beautiful venue - great job everyone!

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