Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Our 3rd annual Painted Prism Art Retreat in Estes Park, was a great success. We had a wonderful group of women for 4 days, July 12-16, 2018.  Our time in Estes seemed to fly by!

The entrance gate to Aspen Falls -- our Estes Park home for 4 days.

Cathy, Connie, and Cheri came a day early, with me, and helped set up.

Everyone arrived by Thursday afternoon. It was rainy and chilly, but still beautiful. And, after our Mexican Welcome Dinner and Introduction in the Main House, we walked down to the Art Studio in the Barn, and kicked off the retreat with a Musical Chairs Painting Game . . . 

After Pat explained the game, everyone sat down and started painting (with music playing in the background.)

After painting for 10 minutes, Pat told everyone to "stop, put down your brush, get up, move to your right, sit down again, pick up that brush, and start painting on that painting."

About halfway through the game, an elk strolled by to see what we were doing . . . 

After changing seats and paintings about 6 times, everyone was asked to finish the painting in front of her . . . 

They were all so engrossed in their paintings that they hardly noticed the elk walking by.

It was fun to see all the collaborations on one board -- and it was a great way to relax and loosen up at the start of our retreat!

As we walked back to our cabins and rooms, we were all looking forward to the next day!

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