Thursday, August 30, 2018


We started Saturday in the Great Room, talking about the day's project, Tiered Landscape Paintings.

Back in the studio, before starting on our new project, Pat demonstrated how to finish yesterday's project, the Botanical Triptychs . . . 

Then, everyone had some time to finish up their paintings . . . 

Pat demonstrated how to start today's project, the Tiered Landscape Paintings . . . 

  . . . a graded wash, painted wet-in-wet -- starting with yellow, then rose, and then blue.  Once this is dry, we will turn this around, so that the yellow will be in the foreground.

While these under paintings were drying, we went outside again for some more sketching.  This time, we sketched mountain contour lines and tree contour lines.

Pat demonstrating how to proceed with the drawing/painting . .  . 

After drawing the foreground and the furthest mountain count our line, Pat demonstrated how to apply a blue wash to the background, wet on dry.

My intrepid photographer and sister, Cheri

Pat's demo painting, in progress

Not many finished their paintings, but during the critique, we were able to talk about what to do next and how to finish.

Some of us were lucky enough to hear Diana play the dulcimer

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