Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Watercolor at the Winery

Here are some photos from "Watercolor at the Winery" -- my recent 2-day workshop at the Wolf Creek Winery in Norton, Ohio:

Once again, it was a wonderful venue for the class, and all 13 of us really enjoyed ourselves.  At the end of each day, we gathered in the Tasting Room, to sample some of the Wolf Creek wines and critique and share our paintings.

DAY ONE -- Our first day's project was a triptych on paper, of Birds, Blooms, and Butterflies.

a slideshow of Day One at the Winery
Soundtrack is "Life, Love, & Laughter", by Donovan Frankenreiler
Photos by Cheri Schulz 

DAY TWO:  On the 2nd day, we learned to paint (and un-paint) on Aquabord.  Once again, our subjects were birds, butterflies, and blooms.  Painting watercolor on Aquabord is very different from painting watercolor on paper, so I basically told everyone that morning to pretty much forget everything I had told them the day before.  They were apprehensive, but by the end of the day, they had all created some beautiful and colorful paintings!

a slideshow of Day Two at the Winery
Soundtrack is "The Motions" by Van Risseghem
Photos by Cheri Schulz & Pat Howard

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