Thursday, May 31, 2012

BEHIND THE SCENES: Gathering Reference Material for Future Paintings

One of the most enjoyable parts of art for me is gathering reference material for future paintings. Photographs and on-site sketching are the two best ways I use to gather information -- for use later, back in my studio, to create my watercolor paintings.  I am happiest when I can also do this "gathering" with people I love . . .

Here are some photos from my latest outings, in preparation for three different painting series:


My granddaughter and I waited for the rain to stop -- then went outside to sketch the roses and take some pictures of the rest of the garden.

I can't wait to paint these roses! . . . and the poppies!

This would make a great painting!

Love the color of this Japanese maple, especially next to that green -- beautiful color combination.

Time to sketch the roses . . . 

Remy working in her sketchbook, made of handmade paper

I add a little color to my sketch, with colored pencils.

The clematis was beautiful, too.

 . . . and, one of these days, I must paint Nadia!

2)  CACTUS Series -- Hiking in the hills and neighborhoods of Anthem, AZ, with my friends

The ocotillo, with the "flames" shooting off the ends, might make an interesting painting.

I really liked the color of this prickly pear cactus -- it's different than the prickly pear in my backyard.

The neighbors probably loved my snooping around in their yards with my camera.

Definitely want to include an agave in this series -- love its shape and color.

3) COLORADO WILDFOWERS & TREES -- Hiking with Alan and Royal, west of Durango --

Purple lupines at the base of the tallest aspen trees I have ever seen . . . 

These are just a few of the hundreds of photos I took -- lots of inspiration for later use . . .