Monday, April 16, 2012


What is beautiful to you?  Discover and redefine what that is, and then make sure there's more of that in your art and in your life.

"The good is the beautiful" -- Plato

When we create things that are pleasing to our own eyes and senses, then we turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.  And, through the harmony of form and color, our art becomes more appealing  -- more beautiful.

Trust your inner voice in what you find to be beautiful -- What do YOU like?  What pleases YOUR eye? Be inspired and influenced by others, and absorb what pleases YOU.  This will turn up new definitions of beauty that will be authentic for YOU.

Discover new ways to find beauty -- 
     -  Take more trips to botanical gardens and art museums
     -  Take more scenic routes -- in the countryside and in the city
     -  Bring your camera with you on your walks and to the park
     -  Enjoy the fruit and vegetable displays at farmer's markets

Nature is always wonderful inspiration for your art.  The more natural beauty you expose yourself to, the more beauty you'll want to share, through your own creative self-expression.

"Every day, look at a beautiful picture, read a beautiful poem, listen to some beautiful music,
 and if possible, say some reasonable thing" -- Goethe

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