Friday, September 21, 2018

WORKSHOP at the WINERY - Day One

Once again, we were fortunate to have our Ohio Watercolor Workshop at the Wolf Creek Winery, in Norton, Ohio.  A wonderful and fun group of 14 joined me for three days of drawing and painting --
September 11, 12, and 13, 2018.

We started out sketching the view and talking about atmospheric perspective,
 for our project for the day, Tiered Landscape Paintings . . . 

We then moved inside, where Pat demonstrated the graded underpainting, drawing the foreground, and drawing the furthest background contour line . . . 

Everyone would be using multiple photo references, plus their sketches, for their drawing.  We drew the foreground onto the warmest bottom 1/3 of our underpainting.

After the initial drawing was complete, Pat demonstrated how to paint a wash onto the background and down to the foreground.

Pat showing how to keep a "bead" when laying a wash.  

Painting the blue glaze onto the negative shapes of the foreground.

After painting their under paintings and picking out multiple photo references, everyone began to draw. 

And then they begin to paint the first layer in the background.

The Tasting Room of the winery was conveniently right next to our classroom.

Time for the second layer, "tier" . . . 

No critique or sharing this afternoon.  Everyone wanted to keep working right up until 4.  I told them that we'd all have time on the last day to finish these paintings.


  1. Love watching these artists at work or should I say play! Wish I could have been there, Pat!