Saturday, July 30, 2016

Art Retreat in Estes Park - DAY TWO

Beautiful morning in Estes Park, as we started the second day of the art retreat!

After a yoga session on the patio, and coffee & breakfast, we all met on the covered deck, for our Morning Gathering . . . 

After giving out the sketchbook assignments for the day, I talked about and did a demo of continuous contour line drawing with a pen . . . 

They all were glad to have some time to work in their sketchbooks and hunt for color references . . . 

Finished paintings from last night's Painting Game

Setting up the Art Studio for the day's projects.

It would be a day of Beginnings -- the first glazes and Inner Circle painting of the Color Wheel Mandala, the dark underpainting on the Aquabord, and a textured mingling underpainting on paper (to be used for contour line drawings later.)

We started the Color Wheel mandala with a wet-on-dry Yellow wash, on three of the sections . . . 

The next wash is a Rose, applied wet-on-dry to three of the sections.  One of the sections is already Yellow, so the transparent Rose glaze on top, turns that section Orange.

And, finally -- the light Blue wash over three of the sections.

Time for our lunch break!  Yummy AND healthy!

After lunch, we headed back out to the Art Studio, where we painted the Inner Circle of the Mandala -- negative painting a radial floral design . . . 

We wrapped up the painting session around 4, and brought our paintings inside to dry and be ready for tomorrow.  Then, it was Free Time from 4 - 7.

We met back on the Covered Deck at 7 pm, for wine and snacks . . . 

The evening's activity proved to be everyone's favorite, and was such a great way to get to know one another a little better -- Cheri's "Purple & Plaid" Clothing Memory Activity.

Another busy, but wonderful, day!

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