Friday, May 9, 2014

PHOTO CHALLENGE: 31 Themes for May

Here are 31 themes for MAY, if you want to give it a go.

Doing a photo challenge like this allows you to capture little moments in your life, instead of just the really big ones.  Plus, you will start seeing your everyday life differently, and you may just see some things that you normally miss.  I don't always do this everyday, but I try when I can.

I'm including just a few of my own pix to go along with some of these:


1.  Myself --

2.  Those Eyes

3.  Favorite Color

4.  Black & White --

5.  Flats

6.  Branching Out --

7.  Begins with an "F"

8.  Smiles

9.  Hands

10.  May Flowers

11.  Mother's Day

12.  In My Yard

13.  Sunset

14.  Made Me Laugh

15.  Me at 15

16.  Peaceful Moments

17.  Favorite Accessory

18.  Fresh Veggies

19.  Reflection

20.  Begins with an "M"

21.  Wildflowers

22.  Pink

23.  Cheers!

24.  Dark

25.  Unusual

26.  Something Old

27.  Remembering

28.  Door

29.  Candlelight or Fire

30.  Butterflies

31.  Something Beautiful

I post my photos on Facebook, Pinterest, and on this blog.

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