Friday, April 4, 2014

PHOTO CHALLENGE: 30 Themes for April

Here are 30 themes for April, if you want to give it a go.  Try to take a photo a day for each theme.  Sorry, I know it's now the 4th, but I'll list all 30, anyway.

Doing a photo challenge like this allows you to capture little moments in your life, instead of just the really big ones.  Plus, you will start seeing your everyday life differently, and you may just see some things that you normally miss.  I don't always do this everyday, but I try when I can.

I post my photos on Facebook, Pinterest, and on this blog.


1.  Reflection

2.  Melting

3.  Rainbows

4.  Break

5.  Tiny

6.  Sunshine

7.  Grains of . . . 

8.  Showers

9.  Younger You

10. Giggles

11. Mellow Yellow

12. Stairs

13. Something You Found

14. Flat

15. Sunset

16.  Flower

17. Life

18. Balance

19. Pastels

20. In Your Basket

21. Bottle

22. The Last Thing You Bought

23. Buds

24. Something You're Grateful For

25. Looking Down

26. Black & White

27. Somewhere You Went

28. 1:00 pm

29. Flip Flops

30. Circle

Happy Snapping!

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