Monday, September 16, 2013

BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK -- My 4-Day Watercolor Workshop in Durango

What a fun and productive workshop it was this year -- 4 very full days of drawing and painting, with a new challenging project each day.  I hold this annual workshop at my home and studio, outside of Durango, Colorado -- in the southwest corner of the state.

Our first day's project was NEGATIVE PAINTING SUNFLOWERS.  The small but dedicated group did a beautiful job!

music is "In the Sun", by She & Him

In the 2nd day's project, ORANGE-LINE PAINTING, we "drew" the shapes, of the flowers and birds, with a brush and orange paint, and then mingled the colors within those shapes.  The paintings were finished by painting a dark background.

music is by Chris Botti

On the 3rd day, we learned how to create PLAID PRISM PAINTINGS -- painting various glazes in a grid, drawing and transferring an image on top of the grid, and then finishing the painting in layers.  It was a full house on Sunday, but they all rose to the challenge and created some beautiful paintings.  Not everyone completed her painting (not surprisingly), but everyone did an awesome job with this technique.

music is "The Rainbow Connection" by Sarah McLachlan

On this final day of the workshop, we painted ABSTRACTED LANDSCAPES.  Working "from the ground up", using "idea strips", and planning their design as they went along, they all created (and finished) some wonderful and colorful paintings.  To be honest, I wasn't sure how this 4th day was going to go -- with 15 ladies attending.  I didn't know whether it would be a successful project or not.  But, it proved to be one of the most fun projects, for everyone involved -- I will definitely do this one again.

music is "What a Wonderful World" by Mark Knopfler & Chris Botti

Thanks to everyone who attended my 8th annual Watercolor Workshop!  You all made it a resounding success!  Hope to see you next year.

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