Saturday, February 18, 2012

BEHIND THE SCENES SATURDAY -- Photo Reference Collages for Watercolor Paintings

"Love, Durango-Style"
Using my photos, I make collages (left) -- not as finished art pieces -- but to use as reference tools for my watercolor paintings (right).
"Farmer's Market in Durango"
I suppose I could do this on Photoshop, but I really like the process of cutting out parts of different photos, spreading them all out and moving them around, on the floor or table.

"Sunflowers at the Market"

"Saturday Morning at the Market"
"Flowers or Veggies?  Beets Me!"
This way, I can try out different color combinations and arrangements/compositions, before I glue it all together.  Then, I get started on my drawing and painting.  This all takes awhile, but it's enjoyable and well worth it.    

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