Thursday, February 19, 2015

BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK: Bad Timing, Beginner Workshop, and Left-Handed Demos

On Monday, I was getting ready for my two-day Beginner Workshop, to be held here at my house and studio -- and then this happened . . .

My big black Lab/Newfie mix, Royal, took off after the UPS truck, I took off after her, turned the corner of my house, slipped on a patch of ice, and boom -- landed on my wrist.  Since it swelled up immediately, and hurt like hell, I went in for x-rays.  Found out there were no fractures -- just severe trauma and swelling.  So, they put this cast-looking thing on my wrist/arm/hand.  

I soon realized I could not do much with my right hand.  And, I also realized, soon after that, that my left hand was pretty worthless, too.  I am the least ambidextrous person!  Thank goodness my husband was around to set up tables for me -- I even had him stretching and stapling paper.  I was also thankful that there were only going to be four students in this workshop -- instead of the 12-15 people I usually have.  Still . . . I knew they were expecting to learn how to paint.  Little did they know they would be learning from someone who couldn't even hold a brush.  This should be interesting . . . 

Our project for the first day was the Color Wheel.  

I had replaced the ugly white bandaging with a sleek, sophisticated black brace on my right wrist, managed to do a few left-handed demos, and took a lot of Ibuprofen.  

All the ladies were so understanding, and produced some beautiful paintings -- which is the most important thing.

Our 2nd day project was Negative Painting of Trees.  The swelling and pain had lessened that morning, so I was able to use my right fingers, in order to demonstrate the wet-in-wet painting.  Still had to draw with my left hand, so that was lovely.  (no pix of that, of course)

All in all, I think the workshop was a success.  Based on their paintings, I think everyone learned something; and based on their comments, I think they all enjoyed the experience and will continue with their watercolor journey.  

(My wrist is gradually getting better, which is why I can now type this with all my fingers.  It may be a week or so before I can draw and paint, though.  I'll be patient, though.  And, I will heed my husband's advice:  "Next time, just let the dog eat the UPS guy!")

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  1. Yes it was a great success! I've been inspired to pick up my brushes again.