Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Watercolor Workshop Schedule


March 19th & 20th -- CALIFORNIA 
2-Day Workshop at the Art Exchange in Long Beach, CA (FULL)

June 3rd -- COLORADO
One-Day Workshop at my home/studio in Durango, CO

September 18, 19, 20, 21 -- COLORADO
10th Annual 4-Day Workshop at my home/studio in Durango, CO

October 8th & 9th -- OHIO
2-Day Workshop at The Wolf Creek Winery in Norton, OH 


Details will follow . . . 


  1. I am interested in your Colorado workshops. For the Sept. workshop are there reasonable priced places to stay? Bed and Breakfast or ?. For the one day June workshop, what will be covered? I have been painting for awhile. Looking to stretch into something different and new. I enjoy your work. Some of my small pieces can be found on: www.etsy.com/shop/juliefisher3 just to give you an idea where I am coming from. I live in Denver. I've been looking for someone for quite awhile that might be a good fit. The mentor idea is interesting too. Julie Fisher

    1. Hi, Julie! Thanks for your comment -- I enjoyed checking out your blog and Etsy shop, too -- really nice watercolors and colored pencil work! I would love it if you could join us out here in Durango for one of the workshops. Don't know details yet -- as far as what will be covered. But, I just had a beginner's workshop in February, so I know the workshop in June will be a project that I've never done before, and not just for beginners. There are some really nice places to stay out here -- B&B's, cabins on the river, hotels -- with a range of prices. Most will be about 20-30 minutes from my home/studio. (FYI, we will be moving to Evergreen in a few years, so my workshops will get closer to you.) The mentoring course might be an idea, too. I have on-line mentoring students, who then take an in-person workshop from me; and I also have friends who have been coming to my workshops for years and then decided to also take the on-line mentoring course. Thanks for your comment and questions, Julie -- hope to be seeing you one of these days! Pat