Friday, August 26, 2016

Watercolor Workshop at the Winery - Day One

Just returned from my trip to Ohio, where I had my annual Watercolor Workshop at the Wolf Creek Winery in Norton.

On Day One, we designed and painted an Art Nouveau project.  Here's a look at the first day of the workshop --

Welcoming everyone from all over Ohio, as well as Indiana and Illinois.

Demonstrating the warm wet-in-wet underpainting, with salt added for texture

Finding our reference material

Talking about Art Nouveau design and how to simplify and transfer the refere

Cheers, everybody!  I love these guys!
Now that we all have our wine, let the critiques begin!

No one had finished their painting, so we just looked at each one, and offered suggestions as far as what to do next, and how to finish.

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