Saturday, May 9, 2015

Announcing my upcoming One-Day Watercolor Workshop in June!

If you are going to be anywhere close to Durango in June, come and join me for a fun one-day workshop on the 3rd, here at my house/studio . . .

All skill/experience levels welcome!


Please e-mail me, if you'd like to sign up:


Or, you can leave a comment below.


  1. Hello everyone who has a chance to join one of the Pat's workshops, do you know how lucky you are!! I know because I have been taking her Mentoring Course Series for almost 3 months. She is a great artist and wonderful mentor.. I didn't even know how to hold brush before attending the course but now I have 3 framed paintings that were painted by me during the lessons.. I am at less 5 by the way.. There are still 7 lessons to work and to learn!!

    Hi Pat, I wish I can make to participate in at least one of your upcoming workshops but living in Turkey makes it almost impossible. Good luck!!

    1. Hello, Vahide! Thanks for the kind words and recommendation! It's been fun working with you in the mentoring course -- even though, as you say, you are in Turkey and I'm in the US. I sure wish that you could attend one of my workshops here . . . or, maybe one day I could have one in Turkey. Or, Italy.:)