Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WEDNESDAY WORKSHOP -- Painting on Aquabord (Part 2)

                    Time to complete the floral bouquet that we started last week.

I start painting the blues.

I touch the edge of the blue in the iris, with a wet brush, to get the lacy feel.

After painting the blue grapes, I lift out a few highlights.

Now, it's time to start painting the bluish-green foliage.

And then, the warmer green leaves and grapes. . .

This painting needs some darks . . .

It's almost finished, but I feel like the background is too wimpy, so I decide to add a quinacridone glaze to the background.  Also, the bluish-green leaves need more darks.  And, now I see that I don't like all those white flowers in the center left, so I decide to make one of them gold.

After finishing the butterflies, I feel like this painting is ready for a signature and a frame. 


  1. Pat, As always, beautiful and informative. You are a wonderful talent - thank you for sharing it!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment -- glad you enjoyed it.