Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Primavera" Series

I just finished the 4th and last painting of this series. Two of them are hanging in Sorrel Sky Gallery in Durango, one already sold, and the last one is just now at the framer. I will be taking that one to Columbine Gallery in Loveland next week.

All four watercolors were painted on handmade Indian Village paper and were "floated" on the matboard, so the nice deckled edge would be visible. They are fairly elaborate floral bouquets, with birds and butterflies fluttering around, against a black background. On three of them, I included figures from Sandro Botticelli's paintings on the vases, and they became the titles -- The Three Graces, Zephyr & Cloris", and "Venus". In the last painting, "Flora", I painted a blue & white pattern on the vase.

I'm planning to offer giclee prints of these paintings in the future -- have never done that before.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, Pat, your artwork is amazing!! It just blows me away.... well, maybe flutters...lightly and happily like those butterflies...
    Congratulations on finishing this series.